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Past "Featured Pet of the Month"
May 2020
Brownie M.
Brownie came to us as a 1.5-year-old stray who had been picked up by the Humane Society in Alabama.  "She loves men" is all we were told.  She turns 10 this summer.  Brownie loves the kids, car rides, walks, and napping on the couch.  She is such a sweet girl and we are lucky to have her.

~Caleb & Gillian M.

April 2020
Our lil' Pet this month is Coronavirus--a.k.a. COVID-19.  Corona means "crown."  When the Coronavirus is viewed under a microscope, a part of the organism resembles the shape of a crown.
Since we initially heard about COVID-19, we have learned Corona likes to have its people fetch lots of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and face masks.  Being a typical Social Butterfly, it loves events like Spring Break and people gathering in large numbers believing they are immune to its charms.  It dislikes social distancing and quarantine--as it slows its ability to spread it's love to everyone.
Even though lots of us have not yet met Corona, we hope we never do!


March 2020
Kenai R.          
Our almost eight-year-old rambunctious Golden Retriever, Kenai, brings joy to our family.  He still plays like he is a 6-month-old puppy! He loves to dig through his toy box to find that special toy at the very bottom. Of you grab your keys, he is your wing-man.  He loves to play in the snow and show you his running talents.  If you give him a treat, he will give you his heart.  During his rare quiet times, he likes to bird watch on the lanai.  He loves doggie daycare and howls if we drive anywhere near there! We cannot use "doggie" and "daycare" in the same sentence without him standing at full attention.  Thank you Home Away From Home for taking such good care of our Kenai.

~Martine & Kay R.

February 2020
Bandit W/K.

Bandit is the joy of our family.  He's not into cuddling but loves being around us.  He really enjoys playing catch with a Frisbee or favorite ball. He brings great security to our house, he's by far the greatest dog we've ever had.  And truly enjoys his time at Home Away From Home!

~Steve and Kim

January 2020
Anni M/H.
Our Belgian Sheepdog was named Anni because she was an "anni"versary present between my wife and I.  Our fourth Belgian, she was the first puppy we adopted, and we cherished the joys and trials of puppyhood.  Now 14 years old, she requires help to go up and down stairs--help that she requests by standing at the stairs and barking every few seconds until a human servant shows up.  Anni loves going to Home Away From Home, starting to quiver as soon as we take a certain turn in the road.  We confess to a certain sadness when, upon being turned over to staff, she disappears behind the door without even looking back at us. But we are glad we have a kennel to whom we can trust our dog with while we travel.

~Dan and Celia M/H.

December 2019
Tuesday K.

Tuesday is an almost six-year-old silver lab.  While Julie says she is always on her best behavior at doggie daycare, we wonder because she is quite the diva when she is at home.  She is obsessed with fetching her ball and checking her secret stashes of goodies in the backyard.  Tuesday has two speeds, full throttle and sleep.  She doesn't ever seem to slow down, but we know she is tired when she gets snuggly.  While she loves playing in the snow, her favorite time of the year is anytime she can swim.  Tuesday loves her friends at doggie daycare and if she had her way, she would bring them home with her to play.

 ~Tom & Jenni K.



November 2019
Willow N.

Also known as Wills, Willy Potts, and Needy Bear...but is the sweetest girl ever!  She loves nothing more than leaning into you with her whole body and getting scratches. She is afraid of squirrels and small dogs but loves her little people!  Willow loves going to K9 Home Away From Home and would go home with Julie if she could! 

~Chad & Aree

October 2019
Kupar M.

Kupar (pronounced Cooper) is our big, slobber slinging, butt wiggling, speed lap runner, bark is bigger than his bite (actually a chicken) boxer boy.  He is four years old and has been coming to Home Away From Home since he was four months old.  He goes twice a week and had boarded there frequently.  He always loves daycare days and we always love the results…a tired puppy.  K9 Home Away From Home has become his second home and we are so grateful for Tim, Julie, Heather and the whole crew that love him just like we do.  Thank you Home Away From Home for all you do for our sweet Kupar and all his K9 friends!

~Don & Cathy M.

September 2019
Darcie E.

Darcie is our Big Dopey love bug. She lives for fetch and playing chase with her doggie friends. She just turned 4 years old and has been going to K9 HAFH since she was 4 months old, she loves her daycare days and always sleeps hard after spending the day with her K9 family!

~ Rachel and Eugene

August 2019
Nugget & Thor C.

Nugget, AKA "Thugget", is the brains, hates water, gets car sick, is not a gracious hostess, and may or may not have jumped onto the kitchen counter to steal tomatoes only to roll them under the couch to rot.

Thor, AKA "Big Guy", is the brawn, LOVES water, adores car rides, is a bit timid, and may or may not have eaten the rotten tomatoes under the couch. It's been a wild ride, and we wouldn't change a thing, especially our amazing experience at Home Away From Home

~Robert & Anna C.

July 2019
Izzy S.

Izzy, our 7-year-old, 4lb. Chihuahua mix, brings joy to everyone. Izzy came to us not long after the loss of our beloved Newfie-mix, Blaze. Despite not having any teeth, Izzy seems to always be smiling, whether with us or all her pals at Home Away From Home. 

~Janet and Evan S.

June 2019
Baxter H.

Baxter is our sweet boxer mix with 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye.  He loves snuggling, playing with his toys, and chewing on bones.  He is always happy, and you can tell by his full butt tail wag.

~Reese & Kyle H.

May 2019
Schatzie A.

Schatzie is German for “little treasure,” and she is that to us.  Schatzie is a 12-year-old mini-goldendoodle with more retriever than poodle genes.  She loves to fetch, and from our back deck she has a “base” she rushes to before the pitch.  She catches fly balls and grounders with aplomb. In the house, she has another “field” and she delights in my husband’s game of hide and seek, as long as she has the ball!  She can read the clock and at precisely 7AM & 5 PM awaits her feeding.  She collects her cheese tax regularly whenever anyone is taking cheese out of the refrigerator.  She is our mellow, affectionate delight and we are thankful for the care and attention HAFH provides when we travel!

~Martin & Lori

April 2019
Oliver Z.

Oliver is 11 years old.  He is an Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, so we are told.  Oliver is very particular where he stays.  Home Away From Home is his Home Away From Home.

~Paul & Betty Z.

March 2019
Deni G/J.

Deni is a six-year-old Siberian Husky from Wisconsin and has been attending Home Away From Home since moving to Alaska in 2014. Her favorite activities include backcountry skiing, mountain biking, moose wrestling, and of hanging with her buds at daycare. Deni is a cancer survivor and won't let you forget it when asking for a treat. Deni is proud to accept this award. She would like to thank all the wonderful staff at Home Away from Home.

~Dean & Heather G/J.

February 2019
Zeke S.

Zeke wants to be everyone’s friend and often trips over his own enthusiasm trying to say so.  He’s always ready to go, happy to be pulling his imaginary sled behind him, certain there’s excitement just around the corner.  He displays joyful energy when he can hike off leash in the mountains.  He loves kids, and is patient, tolerant and happy to be around them. His weakness is being too sure he’s the dude dog every person or dog wants as a friend.

~Bob & Meg S.

January 2019
Baxter P.

Baxter is happy to spend time with his friends at Home Away From Home.  He is 16 years old but never grew out of being a pup.  When not with his K9HM family he can be seen following his humans making sure no crumbs are left on the floor.  Chasing birds and squirrels always brings out his puppy side.

~Steve, Anita, and David P.

December 2018
Nala & Simba H.

Simba is a goofy 6-year-old English Bulldog. He is OCD with his toys and loves to play keep away from Mom and Dad. His favorite activities are snuggling under the covers, riding in the car with Dad and anything involving food.

Nala is a sweet 7-year-old English Bulldog. She loves humans more than dogs, especially begging for butt scratches. She insists on sleeping between Mom and Dad with her own pillow each night. Her favorite activities are napping, treats and hanging out with her friends at doggy daycare.

~Nathan & Ashley

November 2018
Bella P.

Bella is a 10 ½ year old Brindle Boxer.   She has been part of our family since she was 6 weeks old.    She loves to be around people and is a part of our traveling Leather Shop during the summer months greeting customers and giving kisses to all the kids.   When we go to a venue that doesn’t allow dogs Bella goes to her second home, Home Away from Home.   When we start packing and tell her she is spending the weekend at the “Resort” she sits by the truck waiting to go.   Tim, Julie and the rest of the staff are just like another part of her pack.

~Steve and Pam P.

October 2018
Max H.

Max is a 7-year-old wire haired dachshund. He came to our family by accident. He was a puppy mill puppy whom we offered to foster after he’d already been bought and sold twice before he was 8 months old. He was so attached to me in a matter of days, so he stayed against the will of my family. He is wonderful with those he knows but has zero social skills with other dogs or people. Home Away From Home is the only place he can be unless he’s with me or my husband. HAFH is amazing with him. They *say* they like him, and he does get excited and pulls the leash to go inside so maybe that’s true. He is willed to Julie, much to the relief of my family (who do actually adore him). He's pretty cute and he really is my best friend.

~Rod & Jami H.

September 2018
Huxley A.

Huxley Bear is a very sweet and smart 8-year-old boy. He loves going for walks, hikes, and car rides. When it comes to playing ball, he prefers playing with dad over mom. His sleep number is 45. He doesn’t like having his picture taken and cannot stand the sound of an iPhone. He makes our family complete and we couldn’t imagine it without him. Huxley loves visiting Julie and his friends at Home Away. Thank you to the staff for taking such great care of our Huxley Bear.

~Bryan & Andrea A.

August 2018
Dagny M.

Dagny is an energetic, funny, sweet 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel. He loves giving kisses and begging for treats, but his absolute most favorite thing in the world is playing with his buddies at Home Away From Home.

~Dave M.

July 2018
Haley B.

Haley is an intelligent and energetic Jack Russell Terrier, who has been a part of our family for 14 years. Her energy is contagious. She has been on all of our hiking/camping adventures in the back country of Alaska. She goes twice the distance that we do!  She never misses an opportunity to snuggle close after burrowing under the blanket. Despite being 14 years old, she still acts like a puppy. She is a love and is truly our first child.

~Mark & Shannon B.

June 2018
Rocket D.

Rocket is a sweet and energetic girl.  She loves to swim in the lakes and run on the trails in her hometown of Talkeetna.  A typical lab, she loves treats, especially the Cheerios and other snacks our baby drops on the floor from his highchair.

~Jacque & Lisa D.

May 2018
Max & Nala K.

Nala is a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever that enjoys long walks and hikes.  Her favorite activity is playing tug-o-war with her dad.  Be careful though, she can swing that rope like a Viking.  Nala enjoys naps in the sun with her head always on a pillow or in front of the fireplace!

Max is a 3-year-old Labrador Retriever that is absolutely fearless!  He loves to swim and roll around in snow!  Max also enjoys watching squirrels on trees for hours and hours on end.  He is quite the cuddle bug even if there isn’t much room for him he will find a spot to cuddle. 

They will both miss everyone at doggy daycare. 

~John & Simone K.

April 2018
Pippa R/B

From her snuggles in the morning, to walks in the evening, Pippa is love.  Her favorite activities include: Hiking, chasing balls, swimming, hunting squirrels, killing sneakers, and snacking on cheese.  When away, Pippa loves to be with her pack at Tim and Julie’s house-Home Away From Home.

~Josh & Melle R/B

March 2018
Gracie C.

Gracie is a Boarder Collie we rescued about 8 years ago.  She’s very intelligent and loves hunting, herding, playing with puppies and providing hours of therapy for the humans in her life.

~James & Lorelei C.

February 2018
Freckles C.

We adopted Freckles about 12 years ago when she was about 1 year old.  She quickly became a part of our family becoming our sons best friend and our second kid.  The years have past, but Freckles still acts like a puppy and she is everybody’s friend.  I want to thank Julie, Tim, and all the staff at Home Away From Home for all they do every day.

~Kyle C.

January 2018
Ruger T.

Ruger is a 4yr. old lab-mix. We waited 2yrs after losing our previous dog to adopt Ruger, but it was the best decision we’ve ever made, He’s super protective of his entire family, but as his pack, you will get lots of kisses and love. He always greets us with a toy (or shoe) when we get home and lots of butt wiggles. He’s recently become the big brother to a 3lb Yorkie, whom he taught everything (good and bad) and he’s great at sharing his food bowl & water with him and our 2 cats. He patiently waits like a kid in line. HAFH doggie daycare is his Favorite place and the excitement he gets when its mentioned is precious. It’s wiggles and whines when we come around the corner.

~Gregory & Debra T.

December 2017
Kobuk R.

Kobuk was born in Vermont and at 8 weeks old we met our little boy and brought him back to Alaska. Since the day we met him he's been a goofball and an endless source of laughter and joy. He loves trail running with his mom, wrestling with his dad, and exploring the mountains on backpacking trips. He also loves snuggling on the couch with mom, dad and his favorite toy-monkey.

Kobuk gets so excited when he goes to daycare at Home Away from Home. As soon as we round the curve by Pizzaman he starts to talk and wiggle his whole body in excitement. We are very grateful for such an amazing place with such caring staff to watch our little boy.

~Dave & Kat R.

November 2017
Eddie & Tuco F.

We inherited Eddie after a co-worker found him on her doorstep, starving and in bad shape.  Our vet said he likely survived at a local landfill, so we affectionately call him the “garbage hound” and enjoy his mellow, sweet disposition. Tuco is a charmer who would jump for Frisbees all day if you let him.  But he’s also a pro at chilling out on the couch with Eddie. We greatly appreciate the skilled and caring Home Away From Home staff for taking care of our pups!

~ Chad & Carolyn F.

October 2017
Sophia G/S.

Sofia is a friendly girl who loves making new friends; both people and dogs alike! Her favorite activities include going on hikes and bike rides and of course, spending time with all her friends at daycare. One thing people may not know is that Sofia appears to have an unlimited supply of energy when she is out in public but when we get her home, she is content relaxing and cuddling on the couch. 

~Troy & Ryane

September 2017
Minnie W.

I got Minnie as a hiking companion to get me out of the house and she doesn’t disappoint. She loves to run and has boundless energy. Minnie’s defining characteristic is her perfectly pitched, eardrum piercing bark that cannot be muffled even with ear plugs. I always know when someone is approaching the door of walking down the street in view of the window.

~ Scott W.

August 2017
Wolfie G.

Wolfie. He's got a way about him, I don't know what it is, but it lifts me up when we go walkin'

Thank you, Tim, Julie, and everyone at K9. You have our heart too.

~Pauly & Gayla G.

July 2017
Olivia S.

Olivia is a fun loving, energetic, loving pup.  She loves everyone.  She also loves slippers. Every time we reach the door she finds my slippers and brings them to me.  She is my best friend and companion.  I’m so happy you see in Olivia what I do.  Thank you for featuring her as your “pet of the month”!

-Kay S.

June 2017
Macy M.
Macy is a 3-year-old Goldendoodle. She has a very social and happy personality. She enjoys walks, catching her ball, hiking, and belly rubs.  She loves peanut butter and cuddling. Her favorite thing is going to K9HM. She knows the magic words “doggie daycare” and looks forward to seeing her pals, especially Hannah, and the great staff at Home Away From Home.

-Matt M.

May 2017
Murray A/H.
Murray is a four-year-old Boston Terrier. He is a huge Boston... 30 pounds, and he has a huge personality to go with his size. He is kind and mischievous. He loves to play, snuggle, lay in the sun, go for walks, and EAT! Everyone is a potential friend to Murray, but his favorite person is Joe. Murray is a fair-weather guy. He does not like to be outside in the wind, or rain, or when it is snowing. I would have to say Murray's favorite thing in all of the world is Home Away From Home! When we round the corner by Pizza Man, he knows his day is about to get better and he expresses his happiness in a very vocal manner! Thank you for making our Murray so happy, Tim, Julie, and staff! It is a wonderful thing that you do!

-Corrine and Joe A/H.

April 2017
Maple & Birch M.
Maple is a 4-year old Schnoodle that loves to snuggle, take naps in the sun, and play keep away with her toys. Her best tricks are singing and dancing – she is quite the performer! She loves singing duets with her mom. Birch is an almost 1-year old Cockapoo. She enjoys playing fetch, doing doggy parkour off the back of the couch, and barking in morse code to the neighbor dog every morning. Both Maple and Birch are in training to become therapy dogs. They absolutely love going to doggy daycare at Home Away From Home and seeing all their friends!!

-Amber M.

March 2017
Nali M.
Nali is a sweet and friendly 3-yr-old Chinook who has been a great member of our family. She loves giving kisses and hates personal space. She is a great big sister to our three young children and is always gentle and kind. She once jumped into Eagle River and then realized she couldn't swim! We love our crazy, loving dog!

-Dan and Brie M. 

February 2017
Steve L.
We rescued Steve 4 years ago this month. I wasn't sure I wanted a dog, but his sweet puppy eyes stole my heart and now we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Steve loves being outside rain or shine, playing with the neighbor dogs Robin and Macy, and sharing toys and food with his 1 year old human.  We are so thankful for the love and care that Steve receives from his extended family at Home Away from Home. 

-Mike, Aletha & George L.

January 2017
Lara H.
Lara has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has a really sweet personality and is full of fun. Her favorite activities are playing fetch and going to Home Away From Home for doggy daycare. She loves playing with all her dog friends.

-Brendan and Caroline H. 

December 2016
Umbro S.
Umbro is a border collie owned by Brendan and Melodie. He is named after a famous soccer company, and coincidentally, isn't that bad at playing goalie either. He is loved by the entire neighborhood, especially the kids. Being active is a part of his life whether it's hiking, multiple walks a day, or retrieving anything that can fly. Frisbee is his favorite choice of fetch. He knows each of his toys by name, and if you hide them around the house, it becomes his own version of search and rescue.

-Brendan and Melodie S.

November 2016
Stifler & Bruiser C.

Bruiser & Stifler have been partners in crime for over 8 years.  Stifler is “Alaska’s Biggest Babydog” while Bruiser is the “instigator”.  They have one thing in common, they LOVE being at Home Away From Home with Tim, Julie and the staff.  We are truly blessed to have these two dogs in our lives, but equally blessed for Tim & Julie!

-James & Fran C.

October 2016
Pearl & Bean B.

Pearl is most happy when prancing and parading with our slippers or shoes in her mouth!  Affectionately known as the hog, as she demands everyone’s attention!  Bean is the 8 pound wonder, thinking she is a golden retriever.  Bean is most happy resting inside Pearl’s bushy tail.

-Dave & Leenie B.  

September 2016
Fenway S.
Fenway is an amazing, unique, sometimes loner, awesome little old man. He loves his friends at Home Away From Home!! He may have a little bark but it’s nothing but love. J
-Samantha S.

August 2016
Tal S.

Tal is a 3-year-old Boykin Spaniel.  Boykins are the state dog of South Carolina, but we got our Boykin from a nice breeder in Wisconsin.  Tal is a Packer fan, and (once she got used to it) proudly wears her own jersey for Packer games.  She loves cuddling on the couch, bird hunting, running through the woods and, of course, playing with her pack at HAFH.

-Phil & Lisa S.

July 2016
Hoss A.

Hoss is a 4 year old Labrador Retriever whelped on a very hot August day on a farm near Diagonal, Iowa. At the young age of 8 weeks, Hoss boarded a plane to Alaska to join his new human family. As soon as he was old enough, he started attending doggie daycare at HAFH. Nothing excited Hoss more than playing fetch with his Frisbees or tennis balls. And nothing pleases his human mom more than bringing a happy, tired dog home from a fun-filled day at HAFH.

-Susan A.

June 2016
Bella R.

Bella is a 7 ½ year old West Highland Terrier (Westie). She’s sometimes referred to as a hound dog, as she often has her nose to the ground sniffing or her head in the air howling. She has a great personality- feisty but extremely sweet. Bella loves to play and go for walks and she loves to cuddle also. She knows the day she’s going to daycare and can’t wait to go play.

-Scott and Cindy R.

May 2016
Nushka W.

Nushka started off life as an unwanted, half-starved pup from a village in Bristol Bay.  Through a lucky set of events our paths crossed one day along the banks of the Nushagak River (hence her name).  Soon she was on a plane to join the family in Anchorage.  Nushka LOVES coming to play with her friends at Home Away From Home.  She also loves tennis balls, playing “music” with her squeaky toys, hiking and string cheese.

-Erika W.

April 2016
Max & Sugar B.

Sugar is a 6 year old labradoodle, and her little brother Max is a 1 year old Goldendoodle. Max of course loves to pester his big sister by wanting to play all day. They both love to run and play outside as much as possible. They love each other, but not as much as we love both of them!

-Mike, Ashley, and Austin

March 2016
Prim W/A.

Prim, a “bluetick greyhound” was abandoned in the desert near Kanab, Utah, and wandered onto the grounds of Best Friends Animal Society where she was rescued and rehabilitated.  She made the long flight to Anchorage to her new home where she developed a love of scent work and recently earned her Level II Nosework Title.  Other than nosework and tracking, her favorite is to run with her friends at “Tim’s Gym”.

-Brendan & Stefanie


February 2016
Doc M.

Doc is a 3 ½ year old black lab.  When he’s not eating or sleeping, he loves to fetch, eat more treats and explore the trails along the Eagle River.  Doc also enjoys belly rubs, cheering for the Seahawks and Phillies, greeting his family at the door with a tail-whipping hello, and spend time with his pals at Home Away From Home.

-Michael & Dana M.

January 2016
Harlow F.

Harlow is a 3 ½ year old Golden Retriever who has attended Home Away From Home since she was a puppy.  She loves swimming, car rides, and hiking, but she is happiest when surrounded by her extensive collection of tennis balls.  She believes everyone should be greeted with enthusiasm, especially those with free hands to pet her.

-Dustin & Kendall F. 

December 2015
Mason K.

Mason likes to play hide-n-seek with people, toys, and food… even in the dark. He likes to watch TV and will point at the animals he sees. Mason is an awesome greeter and no matter the day we’ve had, he’s always very happy to see us and he makes us feel better.

-Josh & Anne

November 2015
Cocoa R.

Cocoa came to Home Away From Home as a newly rescued 5 year old black lab/sled-dog mix out of a dog yard in Tok. She was afraid of everyone and everything, and didn’t have a clue how to play or interact with other dogs. When I first brought her she tucked her tail and was afraid for me to leave her behind that first time. Now she loves coming to see her pack and enjoys the people at HAFH. She is not afraid of people, and her tail wags and she runs right in to say hello. Cocoa is a sweet girl with a tender heart and an appetite that easily rivals that of any sled dog/black lab. 

-Mark & Kathy

October 2015
Amaru L.

He looks like a wiener dog, but thinks he’s a bulldog like his brothers.  He’s handicapped only because he likes the look of his diaper and to level the playing field for the other pups at daycare.
-Michael & Donna

September 2015
Molly W.

Molly came into our lives from Golden Retriever Rescue of Fairbanks in July of 2012, after our second golden died of cancer at a very young age.  In reality, Molly rescued us – she healed our hearts and has brought us so much pure love and joy on a daily basis.  She is the goofiest, most lovable being we have ever known!  True to her breed, Molly loves anything that flies - you should see her chase birds or airplanes….truly a sight to behold!  The folks at HAFH are the only ones we would entrust with Molly’s care – she is that precious to us!
-Dana & Teresa

August 2015
Quiana L.

Quiana joined our family 4 years ago when she was about 4 months old. We quickly fell in love with her. Her spirit and unconditional love has warmed our hearts. She sits on top of the hot tub and over sees the neighborhood. Quiana’s beautiful husky voice greets us at the end of the day. We Love her!

-John & Terri L.

JULY 2015
Riley R.
When Riley first started attending daycare at Home Away From Home, she was a shy, little Boarder Collie.  Back then she was only known a "Riley". Fast forward five years...she is now MACH Riley Little One MXB MJB NF T2B CGCA.  Riley has earned over a dozen performance titles in AKC agility and 15 titles in NADAC Agility.  This past March, she competed in the AKC National Agility Championships in Reno, NV.  Attending daycare at Home Away From Home helped build her confidence around other dogs, large and small.
-Ben & Crystal R.

JUNE 2015
Blu K.
Blu is a mini Aussie.  We adore her and put up with her many daily chores.  Blu helps with morning wake up, carries socks left on the floor to the laundry basket, rearranges and hides many toys.  She loves the grandkids, likes trying to keep them in one place and enjoys watching them.
-Rodney & Dawn K.

MAY 2015
Sasha B/Z.
Best.Dog.Ever. Sasha Roo is a 7 years old strawberry blond Alaskan Husky who is a much-loved member of our family.  She is a sweetheart, smiles a lot and lives to play.  She enjoys running laps around the house (inside).  A snooze by the window where she keeps a sleepy eye out for wildlife is a favorite.  Loves toast with her Dad in the morning and hanging in the kitchen with her Mom. She likes to snuggle up with her people to watch a movie.  She vigorously shakes her fleece toys and tosses rawhides down the steps, as she likes to watch them bounce.  She also enjoys flinging pine cones around the yard and digging in the snow. Sasha especially loves her Saturdays when she can roll around the play yard with her friends at Home Away From Home.  Thanks Tim, Julie and team!
-Tom & Kris

APRIL 2015
Colby J/H.
Colby is proud to represent the pack at HAFH this month!  He is always ready with his wagging tail for a play day or sleepover with his friends.  He also loves fetching toys and snowballs, hiking, practicing tricks in exchange for treats and cuddling on the couch.  We appreciate everyone at HAFH and the reliable, knowledgeable, and personalized care they provide.
-Brian & Bridget

MARCH 2015
Nahla W.
Nahla is an energetic, active dog.  She loves to “play” with any toy, especially a ball.  She self entertains herself outside with her toys.   She likes to “yell” or “bark” at her toys outside when they aren't cooperating.  Nahla would be anyone’s best friend as long as you rub her belly or scratch her back.  We love our “baby girl” Nahla!

-Ty & Lisa W.


Gracie A.

Gracie is a fun loving dog.  She loves all her toys, especially the orange tennis balls, the green tennis balls, the big red ball & the very large orange ball.  She is also very fond of Blue Guy, who she sleeps with & Bat who she moves around the house.  Gracie is a joy & comfort to our family & we love her very much.
-Cole & Jean A.


Hank & Elly O.

No one’s a stranger to Elly; she believes everyone was put on this earth to give her attention.  Other than sleeping, Elly’s favorite activity is eating!  It’s amazing how fast she moves for a “yummie”.  Hank on the other hand, would rather play than eat or sleep.  He’ll “talk” you into throwing a ball or stick and once you commit, he won’t let you quit.  His toys have to go to bed before he switches off.  Although Elly’s not been to Westminster like her momma & Hank’s not the star of his own hunting show like his grandpa, they’re happy living their lives in Alaska!
-Matt & Kathy O.


Charlie N.

Charlie adopted his human three years ago after he graduated from the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center Shelter Pet Obedience Training program, and he’s been adding to his animal and human pack of friends ever since.  He enjoys playing with his doggie daycare pals, car rides, hiking, attention, more attention, and breakdancing in the snow. He has dedicated his life to spreading smiles and good will and making sure nobody takes life to seriously.  Because this is strenuous work, he requires a lot of time on the couch to rest and recover.  Charlie is happy anyplace he has company, but it’s obvious Home Away From Home is his favorite “happy place,” after the couch.
-Anne N.


Abby M.

Abby came to Alaska after spending her first summer of 100+ temps in Oklahoma.  Needless to say, Abby was EASILY persuaded to move north, happily pulling up stakes and hopping a plane (along with her human family).  Now a resident of Eagle River for three years, Abby has enjoyed the thrill of the occasional bear or moose meandering through her backyard.  Often mistaken for a Chocolate Lab, Abby is, in fact, a happy mix of Lab, Border Collie and Australian Blue Healer.  Although she’s got webbed feet, Abby is no fan of swimming!  Abby is well lover (and yep, a bit spoiled) by her humans.  Favorite pastimes include eating, smelling things, eating more (her one true Lab trait!) and hanging with her “buds” at Home Away From Home.
-Gary & Katherine M.


Jessica M.

Jessica-The Mighty Min Pin!  She twirls and dances and doesn't do anything in slow motion.  There’s no mountain that is too hard for her to climb and the tiny 12 pound Jess loves to skijor with her mom.  After a day of hiking or skiing, she snuggles in on her dad’s lap twisting the blanket just right so she’s wrapped like a burrito.  This girl has attitude!  We lover her so!!!
-Mark & Christi M.


Duke S.

"Duke is a lover!  He is always ready to give or get affection.  He has to greet everyone with a toy in his mouth and if he can’t find one, a sock will do.  Duke has his own “Mommy “ blanket and he can suck on it endlessly.  He doesn't really like going on car rides but will tolerate it so he can play at daycare.  Duke is very talented and can perform many tricks to get treats.  He is a very special and loved member of our family."
-Kurt & Anna S.


August 2014

Carlisle, Coconut & Romeo D.
"The trio of rescued dogs (aka Da Weenie, Carlisle Clementine, and The Nut..among other nicknames) came to the mountains of Eagle River from the Texas heat.  Carlisle took to the snow like a Duck Trolling Retriever to water.  Coconut learned to love the snow after being a stray on the bayou in Houston, Texas, but Romeo’s equipment is just too low to the ground to want anything to do with snow!  They all three love Home Away From Home and it truly is their home away from Home!"

-Ed & Karen D.

July 2014

Henry & Thomas K.
"Even though Thomas & Henry are “brothers”, they are exact opposites.  Thomas is smart, gentle, and very patient until he sees a ball and then all he thinks is “throw the ball, throw the ball!”  Henry is the typical clumsy, rough, not so smart (but adorable) Labrador.  He thinks everything is food and constantly wonders “what can I eat?”  Together they keep us laughing and entertained or we would have gone crazy by now!"

-Ryan & Tonya K.

June 2014

Willow S.
"Willow loves to play, “talk”, and get belly rubs.  She’s a big teddy bear".

-Bruce & Stephanie S.

May 2014

Ginger F.
Ginger has boundless energy.  She loves to play with all dogs & kids and is a wonderful friend to our family.

-Michael & Robin F.

April 2014

"R.J. is a big dog with a heart twice his size.  He loves everyone and absolutely loves going to HAFH.  He also has a huge appetite!  Like most labs, he will eat anything.  Unfortunately, RJ is a vegetarian and also cannot have wheat.  He lives at home with his Chihuahua sister Honey.  She rules the house but he doesn’t mind.  He just goes with the flow!  He has the sweetest temperament and just wants his tummy rubbed!"

-Jesse & Kathy R.

March 2014
Juno C.
"Juno found us in May of 2011 as a 4-month old puppy.  She was at Animal Control because someone thought she wasn’t “good enough.”  We brought her home and with her HUGH ears, her goofy ways, and her unconditional love, she healed us from the loss of our 15-year old lab.  She has grown into the best 3-year old dog we could ask for.  She loves hiking, running, and we have recently found a mutual love of skijoring.  She is the heart of our house and she makes us laugh and smile every single day!” 
Alex & Diana H/C

February 2014
"CC is a young, energetic 2 year-old Boxer.  She LOVES Tim, Julie, and the team at HAFH.  The name truly rings home.  CC is "at home" with HAFH.  She tells me every time she's there how much HAFH teaches her, loves her, and about all of the other awesome dogs there that she gets to play with.  CC is a better dog and companion thanks to Tim, Julie, and their team." 
-Barbara H.

January 2014
Abbey K.
"One year old Abbey is a playful Havanese who steals hearts with her perpetual smile and sweet disposition but also makes you laugh out loud with her unstoppable spirit.  A proud canine fan of the Green Bay Packers, Abbey is also a true "Wild Woman" as she loves playing fetch, snuggling with her hedgehog, and racing around creating her own Daytona 500. Abbey is especially joyful with her playmates at Home Away From Home where she literally romps until she drops!! She is so eager to be with her friends she gets excited the moment we exit the Glenn highway.  Exhausted, she will sway & nod off if I chat to long when picking her up. Thank you staff for your expertise and total peace of mind you provide when Abbey is in your care!!" 
-Kathy K.

December 2013
Maxx T.
"A best friend to the Thompson's family.  He is always there to lend an ear for you to scratch. Maxx is also known as a table hound who loves to track down a tasty morsel from the kitchen floor when someone is cooking.  He loves walks and laying around in the sun and watching life go by." 
 -Terry & Valarie T.

November 2013
Jesse N.
"A rescue dog who rescued us.  His best friend is a cat named Silk.  His favorite place to go is wherever we go, a very close second favorite place is Home Away From Home (very aptly named)".
-Kelly & Jennifer N.

October 2013
Findley P.
"Findley loves other dogs & loves to show off her lovely gait; both pastimes of which Home Away From Home allows her to enjoy!  She hates peanut butter & raw hides.  Fin's mother is very vain about her fancy coat; brindle tuxedos just aren't common, but it is Fin's personality that makes her a true gem!"
-Naysa P.

September 2013
Gabe & Buddy W.
"Buddy & Gabe are a pair of happy-go-lucky dogs that are 11 years old puppies.  They like to camp, play ball, swim, and have fun.  Their new favorite activity is cleaning up the food the baby throws on the floor."
-Kurtis & Misty W.

August 2013
Ollie S.
"Ollie-aka-"Muggins" is always on and ready for action.  It doesn't matter whether it's a run, walk, hike in the mountains, swim or roll in her new found love "Yetna river mud", she is game.  We are very appreciative of all the care Home Away From Home has put into Ollie during her formative years helping to mold her into the fine, loyal, loving dog she is today."
-Klay & Gen S.

July 2013
Kiba F.
"Kiba is a sweet, sensitive Husky mix. When not protecting her home in the Mat-Su Valley she enjoys ball, hiking, playing in the snow and eating tomatoes. Many, many, thanks to Tim, Julie and their wonderful staff for providing my best friend and companion a true Home Away From Home!"
-Debbie F.

June 2013
Clementine V.
"Clementine is Tennessee born but Alaska raised. Just shy of 2 years old, Clementine LOVES spending time with her peeps at Home Away From Home and hot dogs fresh from the grill! She has a sweet disposition and hasn't a mean bone in her body, but can be quite the drama queen if she feels her feelings have been overlooked. Clementine's rambunctious, playful, spirit has put to rest the notion that Basset Hounds spend their days sleeping on the porch!"
-Kevin & Conny V.

May 2013
Tundra G.
"Tundra is like two dogs in one. Away from home or in his truck it's, 'Ready, set, go!' For a living, Tundra chases balls or anything that bounces. It's not only a job, it's a proud way of life. Yet, after just entering middle age (8), he also enjoys kicking his feet up on the recliner and sipping on a doggie 'Pepsi' with his dad after a long day at the office."
-Steve G.

April 2013
Scupper L.
"Scupper's first 10 years were spent running the mountain ridge-tops and beaches of Seldovia. Winter and snow is her wonderland! In 2010 she lost her loyal companion, Bill, in an avalanche. Miraculously, she survived. Many people have  loved and adored her these past few years. She and I are most appreciative of the care, attention, and love from everyone at Home Away From Home."
-Bev L.

March 2013
Mattie & Porter C.
"When Mattie found out she won Pet of the Month, she said, 'This is the greatest day of my life!' When Porter found out, she said, 'Ho hum. I’m a Husky; I win awards like this all the time.' Our girls LOVE their family at Home Away From Home!"
-Ivan and Tanya C.

February 2013
Aspen S.
"Aspen is a 7 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She is best described as aloof with a gentle soul.  She enjoys sleeping, hiking, cross-country skiing and did I mention…sleeping?  She also loves being loved--Thanks to Home Away From Home for pampering my princess when I can’t. "
-Jeff S.

January 2013
Schroeder A.
"Schroeder is a happy, lively, and intelligent Schipperke who loves to go on adventures. He loves to play with his friends at Home Away From Home where he can have fun and be active all day."
-Roger & Kathy A.

December 2012
Janie W.
"Janie is a faithful family companion. She has a huge heart and is the most wonderful dog any pet parent could ask for. She loves treats, balls, running, and belly rubs! When she's not hanging out with Tim and her friends at H.A.F.H., she guards her home in downtown E.R. and snuggles with her "babies." On behalf of Janie and her family, 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.'"
-William & Krystal W.

November 2012
Apple D.
"Apple, a.k.a. 'Princess Pea' to her family, is a very happy and friendly 3 year old Whippet! Apple loves many things in life but her two favorite are snuggling under a blanket on the couch in front of the fire with her family and playing with her friends at Home Away From Home."
-Tom & Marjorie D.

October 2012
Kaylee K.
"Kaylee is a sweet and lovable boxer.  She loves playing with her squeaky toys, chasing a laser beam, running up and down the hill in the backyard and relaxing on her bean bag chair.  Kaylee’s best pals are the wonderful people at Home Away From Home!"
-K.K., J.K., & T.K.


Marlee B.

"Marlee is your typical Alaskan mutt; rescued from Chugiak as a pup.  She enjoys snow, biking, and chasing the ball.  However, she especially enjoys her trips to K9HM and the caring through attention she receives."
-J.D. & Dana B. 

August 2012
Daphne N.
"Daphne was found in a pumpkin patch in Cambridge, England. She loves small children, cats, and stainless steel bowls--and antique furniture. Always a joker, she keeps us laughing."
-Greg & Diane N.

July 2012
Raina S.
"Raina is a fun loving Golden Retriever that loves to say hi to everyone. She was born April 2011 in Oregon and moved to Alaska last summer. She loves being an Alaska dog - playing in the snow, hiking with the family in Eagle River, and playing with her friends at Home Away From Home!"
-Jason & Corey S.

June 2012
Emma C.
"Emma is a goofy, sweet-natured, strong, bundle of energy who loves nom noms. She loves cuddling with her people and playing with her puppy friends at Home Away From Home."
-Mike & Rany C.

May 2012
Ginger N.
"Ginger is an incredible dog who joined our family 3 years ago by way of adoption. She is beautiful, smart, gentle, fun, and protective. She loves to play fetch with a ball or stick and she runs right alongside of us when we go cross-country skiing. She is loved by so many and will instantly touch your heart when she is around you. She is a blessing."
-Sheva N.

April 2012
Cubby F.  
"Cubby is a small dog with a big personality. He enjoys squeaky toys, treats, and playing with his K9HM friends. He gets along with all dogs, big or small.
-Brian & Katie F.

March 2012

Willow F.  
"I'm Willow. I just turned 1 on February 24th. I'm told I have soulful eyes. I love the snow, bananas, sweet potatoes and 'Tim.' I'm so very glad Mom found Home Away From Home!!!! WOOOF!
-Shannon F.

February 2012

Bridget S. 
"Bridget loves going to Home Away From Home where she gets to play with all her doggy friends. She has an attitude of 'I'm the beagle you gotta' love me!'
-Jeff S.

January 2012

Juneau H.
"Although Juneau has only one good eye, he can spot a friend from a mile away and he will come running for a cuddle. He is a joy! -Spirited, energetic and a total love bug!
-Brendan & Caroline H.

December 2011
Zeus S.
"This handsome boy loves to charm canines of all sizes with his goofy gallops and playful antics! He is especially charming when he "stikes a pose." He's a lover and a snuggler and will sit in your lap if you let him. VOOF!
-Bart & Andria S.

November 2011
Tully L.
'TullyMonster' lives an exuberant live! He can be his playful self at times--or a reserved, obedient, and loveable fur ball who loves to have his belly scratched. His favorite thing to do is run the Birchwood cross-country ski trails."
-Curtis & Leslie L.

October 2011
Diesel L.
 "He is really friendly besides his looks! He is always excited to go to K9 Home to play and exhaust the other dogs."
-Derek L.

September 2011
King S.

"We adopted King 3 years ago from Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue. As with all huskies, King always enjoys a run and prefers to be 'Lead Dog.' He has a mild manner, is a wonderful companion and likes to be close to his family. He would be especially happy if our cell phones did not ring, the morning alarm not go off or the toaster pop."
-Shawn & Lynn S.

August 2011
Patches C.
"Patches is an adorable 2yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His fun and affectionate personality makes him the ultimate companion."
- Patty C.

July 2011
Chopper P.
"Chopper loves to play ball, hike, and looks foward to playing with his friends at Home Away From Home!"
- Matt & Sharon P.

June 2011
Nefe L.
"She is just a little farm dog with a big heart. She loves to meet new friends and loves to play the game of chase the tennis ball - she also makes her family quite happy!"
-Dave & Linda L.

May 2011
Sampson S.
"Sampson is a California dog - but never felt at home there. Now Sampson gets to play in the snow six months out of the year. Sampson is happiest swimming or playing in the snow!"
-Will & Amanda S.

April 2011
Toby C.
"If Toby was half as good of a bird-dog as he is a snuggler he would be a World Champion."
-Ike & Nikki C.

March 2011
Ike W.
"Ike is high energy, playful, and loves the HAFH staff and guests."  
- Forrest & Geri W.

February 2011
Moose & Laci Y.
"Moose may look intimidating with his size but he really is just a big baby. Laci really does want to play even though she is staring you down."
-Melisa Y.

January 2011
Buddy C.
"Buddy lives up to his namesake... He loves being everyone's buddy!"
-Danielle C.

December 2010
Ame W.
"Ame is a gentle, loving pup. He loves to play in the snow and soak up the sun."

-Bruce & Lisa W.

November 2010
Jack H.
"He is friendly, gregarious and learns easily. He is always excited to arrive at Home Away From Home. In his spare time he works on his modeling career."

-Lee & Kristine H.

October 2010

Riley M.

“Riley is a happy-go-lucky pup who loves to play and play…and play some more – then take a nap.”
-Eric & Lexie M.

September 2010
Millie C.
"She is a great retriever & has her "Seasoned" Hunter Title!"
-Pat & Louann C.

August 2010
Sadie B.
"Even when she's in trouble - she's still sooo cute!"
-Steve & Beth D.

July 2010
Tonks D.
"Tonks is a fun playful dog. He loves his big brother Powder D."
-Madison D.

June 2010
Jazzy H.
"Jazzy's favorite thing in the whole world is to play with children and to play with her K9 friends at Home Away From Home."
-Mike & Tracey H.

May 2010
Baily L.
"Baily might actually prefer to be at her Home Away From Home rather than her own home - even when we're there."
-Bob & Nora L.

April 2010
Duncan O.
"Duncan proves that cowboys know what they're talking about. Everyone should get a long little doggie!"
-Jerry & Erin O.

March 2010:

Jager W.
“He’s a sweet, docile, innocent little guy”
– Carol & Phil W.

February 2010:
Kaya B.
She has been the best CEO for “LovinDogMusic” we could ever want!”
-Kevin & Gina B.

January 2010:

Duke H.

“He loves hiking and he’s a real people dog!”
Jessica H.

December 2009:

Max M.

"He's a Love-bug! Just a caring dog - loves everybody."
-JD & Christy M.

November 2009

Chewie & Queso D.

"Chewie is our Sweet Baby & Queso is our Fabio!"
-Chris & Dinah D.

October 2009

Kaladi M.

"She wants to be everybody's friend."
-Mike & Bonnie M.

September 2009

Chappy & Lola M.

"Lola loves vegetables & Chappy has a pirate face!"
-Larry & Megan M.

August 2009
Runner T.
"He is a loving & energetic K9 with a slight handicap - he is blind."
-Don & Jean T.

July 2009
Rosie R.
"She loves everybody!"
-Crystal R.