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K9 Daycare and Boarding

K9 Daycare and Boarding
Frequently Asked Questions
Do all dogs like daycare?
The dogs who seem to do well in K9 daycare are those who are typically somewhat socialized and easily adapt in a pack setting.  They've attended some form of training and enjoy the active play group style atmosphere.  They usually enjoy meeting other dogs while taking walks with you and aren't overly aggressive.  They thrive on the stimulation of an active play group.

Remember, dogs have different temperaments and personalities -- just like we do.

In fact, not all dogs do well in large group/pack situations.  Some feel more secure in their own home, prefer a small group of dogs, or do better in a one-on-one relationship with a dog walker or dog sitter -- while others do better in a more controlled environment such as a traditional kennel.

What are the pros and cons of K9 Daycare?
There are a variety of K9 care programs available for virtually every need:
  • In home pet-sitters who offer flexible schedules, dog walks, and short play time.
  • On-call dog walkers who provide on demand services that include exercise, play, and feeding.
  • Traditional kennels where the environment is very controlled and the dog is confined for most of the stay.
  • Indoor daycare, a somewhat controlled environment with scheduled outdoor potty breaks or group leash walks.
  • Indoor/outdoor daycare that offers the most freedom.  (This is the type we provide)

What will my dog do all day and how much time will they be in their den/kennel?
On the website you can see a daily schedule covering a "typical" day at Home Away From Home.  Basically, guests are free to do what they want during the day.  We have separate play yards for the big dogs (front-yard) and the little dogs (back-yard).  Guests can stay inside or go outside whenever they show the desire.  Usually when one guest wants outside they all want to go outside.  They are allowed to roam free while inside the house.  The only time they will be in their den is during nap time (12pm - 2pm) and night-time for those here on sleep-overs.  However, if a guest shows a desire to be in their den, we allow them to retire to their den at anytime.

What is your facility layout?
We have three separate rooms for our guests to stay in:

Small Dog Room:  This room is for our "littler" guests.  It has its own yard for the little ones to play in -- this allows them to go outside any time they want to.

Active Dog Room:  This room has tons of community toys for all to play with -- they can even bring these toys outside for active outside play whenever they want.

Quiet Dog Room:  This room is just off of our active dog room.  It shares the same play yard as our active dog room.  This "quiet dog" room has a bunch of comfy beds for quiet lounging/napping.

Military Support:

Instead of military discounts for individuals—a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the following support agencies:

Army Emergency Relief

(AER assists soldiers & dependents with financial needs in emergencies)

Air Force Aid Society

(AFAS provides grants & interest free loans for emergencies to airmen & their dependents)