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K9 Daycare and Boarding

K9 Daycare and Boarding
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy On K9 Daycare and Boarding

"Home Away From Home" does not employ the traditional method of daycare/boarding.  We have converted our home to a facility that will allow your K9 all the comforts of home yet still maintain a K9 environment. Each guest attending "Home Away From Home" has their own den/kennel.  This will be their own safe haven to relax in and take naps, play with their "own" favorite toy from their home, and yes sleepovers--if their owners so choose.

Just like at your home, we discourage rough indoor play.  We do however appreciate that this rough (yet safe) play is just what our K9 family members like to do with other K9s.  To meet this need, we provide large (separate) outdoor play areas for our large and small guests.  Furthermore, the traditional method of keeping them in a large "indoor" playroom sometimes encourages "relieving" themselves indoors.  Again, just like it is at your home, they are free to go outside whenever they need for play and relieving themselves.  Simply put, we expect our guests to behave like ladies and gentlemen while indoors and rough play to take place outside--again, just like it is for them at home.

Our K9 boarders get to play with the K9 daycare guests all day long.  All K9 guests only retire to their den/kennel for some quality alone time, naptime, and sleepovers.  Our dens/kennels are comfortable and sized to the individual breed of your K9.  Your K9 will be provided with comfortable bedding, high quality food, treats, and safe toys.  If your K9 is on a specific diet, or if he/she has a sensitive stomach, it is advisable you provide us with enough of their own food to last the duration of their stay.

Your K9's safety and happiness is our number one priority!  If our facility is not the right fit for your K9, please ask us to refer you to another facility--we will be happy to do so.