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K9 Daycare and Boarding
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May 2017

Age:  Murray-4
Breed: Boston Terrier

Murray A/W.

Murray is a four-year-old Boston Terrier. He is a huge Boston... 30 pounds, and he has a huge personality to go with his size. He is kind and mischievous. He loves to play, snuggle, lay in the sun, go for walks, and EAT! Everyone is a potential friend to Murray, but his favorite person is Joe. Murray is a fair-weather guy. He does not like to be outside in the wind, or rain, or when it is snowing. I would have to say Murray's favorite thing in all of the world is Home Away From Home! When we round the corner by Pizza Man, he knows his day is about to get better and he expresses his happiness in a very vocal manner! Thank you for making our Murray so happy, Tim, Julie, and staff! It is a wonderful thing that you do!

~Corrine and Joe