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K9 Daycare and Boarding
Pet of the Month
Max H.  

October 2018

Age:  7
Breed: Wire Haired Dachshund

Max is a 7-year-old wire haired dachshund. He came to our family by accident. He was a puppy mill puppy whom we offered to foster after he’d already been bought and sold twice before he was 8 months old. He was so attached to me in a matter of days, so he stayed against the will of my family. He is wonderful with those he knows but has zero social skills with other dogs or people. Home Away From Home is the only place he can be unless he’s with me or my husband. HAFH is amazing with him. They *say* they like him, and he does get excited and pulls the leash to go inside so maybe that’s true. He is willed to Julie, much to the relief of my family (who do actually adore him). He's pretty cute and he really is my best friend.

~Rod & Jami H.